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Shanghai Tian Yang landing A shares, together witness this historic moment!

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Today, Shanghai Tian Yang Hot-melt Adhesive Material Co., Ltd. (stock code 603330) was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first wall covering brand to visit the A-share...

Today, Shanghai Tian Yang Hot-melt Adhesive Material Co., Ltd. (stock code 603330) was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first wall covering brand to visit the A-share mainboard market.

On this gratifying occasion, let's share the wonderful moments of the ceremony.

Mr. Li Zhelong, chairman of Dayang Lion Dance





Shanghai Tian Yang chairman speech


In his speech, Li Dong pointed out: The issuance and listing of the Main Board is a very strategic step in the development of Shanghai Tianyang. The Company cherishes this hard-won opportunity very much. After the listing, Shanghai Tianyang will make full use of its own advantages, base itself on the source of research and development, integrate into innovative thinking, closely follow the forefront of market development, thoroughly implement the management concept of "specialization, standardization and scientization", and promote enterprise development with advanced technologies , Further improve the quality and efficiency of the company's operation, return the society with a broader prospect and return investors.




Guest speaker

CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Investment Banking Management Committee, Managing Director


Mr. Ye Xinjiang said: Since the initial public offering and listing of Shanghai Tianyang, it has obtained the vigorous support from leaders and departments at all levels. "One Belt and One Road" has pointed out the direction for China's economic development. Tianyang has taken full advantage of this favorable opportunity to broaden its financing channels, strengthened its external constraints and enhanced its capital strength and core competitiveness. Moreover, Tianyang has a very high brand presence in China and around the world Reputation, investor enthusiasm for subscription is very enthusiastic; in the time of this listing, has also been the strong support of all walks of life, all parties work together, have made great efforts.

Jiading District, Shanghai Municipal Committee, deputy mayor


Shen Hua Di also expressed his most sincere congratulation on the successful listing of Shanghai Tianyang and affirmed the development of Shanghai Tianyang from the point of mutual establishment and cooperation of enterprises and regional development. In the production and sale of wallcovering is still in its infancy, the emergence of a wallboard industry, A-share listed companies, marking the strength of the overall strength of Sky Ocean and product market acceptance of the expansion, but also a good reflection of the industry outlook broad.



sign the agreement

Mr. Xie Wei from Shanghai Stock Exchange and Mr. Li Zhe Long, Chairman of Shanghai Tianyou Hot-melt Adhesive Material Co., Ltd. signed an agreement.


Exchanged memorable gifts with each other.




Ming Gong market

9:30 pm, Shanghai Tianyang officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, "Cocoon into a butterfly," became the first wall cloth industry A-share listed companies.

In the future development, Shanghai Tianyang will make active use of market means and speed up the pace of resource integration and industrial upgrading by means of new opportunities and new opportunities brought by the capital market through mechanism innovation, technology research and development and capital operation so as to increase industrial output , Continue to realize the industrial upgrading of enterprises, and build the enterprises into listed brands with core competitiveness, industry leadership and international influence.