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Seamless wall coverings will soon become the mainstream of the wall, the future is promising!

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Had the wallpaper occupied the paint, then the future? Seamless wall covering how? Seamless wall covering the wallpaper can occupy...

Had the wallpaper occupied the paint, then the future? Seamless wall covering how? Seamless wall covering the wallpaper can occupy?
Since the seamless wall covering material market, the occupancy of the dominance of wall decoration paint, wallpaper Threatening Coefficient of continuous increase, as the vast number of consumers continue to deepen the understanding of seamless wall covering products, seamless wall covering the rapid development of the industry And gradually become favored as the leader in the wall decoration market. It is reported that sales of seamless wall covering is on the rise, with sales last year rose 35%.
Hundreds of domestic development has so far seamless wall covering enterprises, to listen to their views and understand the industry trends. Although seamless wall covering has not yet become the mainstream of wall decoration materials, they have common expectations in this industry and their industry prospects are generally optimistic ...
Market consumption soared
In recent years, China's seamless wall covering no matter in terms of quality, color, variety, grade, function and other aspects are gradually upgrading, has reached the international advanced level, almost comparable with foreign wallpaper. With the development of high technology, seamless wall covering has been further improved both in terms of types and in environmental quality. At the same time, seamless wall covering patterns have become more and more colorful and welcomed by consumers. As a new home of soft-loaded elements, leading a wide range of fashion home decoration style so that many consumers buy materials will be seamless wall covering the procurement range. One lady who is shopping for seamless wall cloth says that "I really liked the wallpaper in watching European and American movies and Korean dramas, so I decided to use seamless wall covering instead of pattern, style, material and more Also more environmentally friendly. "
At the same time, seamless wallpaper into wall decoration materials "favorite", seamless wall covering since its inception, because of its obvious advantages, as five-star hotels, villas and other high-end residential main wall decoration materials, the high-end, Therefore, the identity of luxury positioning. With the participation of many manufacturers, the production capacity of seamless wall covering has been continuously increasing, and the market demand has been continuously expanded to become the "new favorite" in wall decoration materials.
Seamless wallpaper market prospects
Consumers nowadays view of consumption has increased, the level of consumption is also rising, people pay more attention to health and environmental protection and taste, grade, and precisely this is one of the advantages of seamless wall covering.
Insiders said seamless wall covering from birth to development to now, but a few short years. In recent years, at least 300 seamless wall covering manufacturers and nearly 120 seamless wall covering manufacturers have been born. This number is almost similar to the number of manufacturers accumulated in the development of the wallpaper industry in China for more than 20 years and the speed of development is seamlessly imagined. As a wall decoration materials in the field of sub-areas, seamless wall covering market prospects are being optimistic and mining. However, there are still seamless wall covering the limitations, such as the main high-end market, tooling also significantly greater than the home improvement, the product is still a niche product. However, savvy manufacturers and distributors may be precisely these limitations and optimistic about the future, because as long as the breaking of these limitations, there may be a broader world.
The broad market prospects wallpaper
In the "2009-2012 Wallpaper Industry Development Prospects Analysis and Investment Risk Forecast Report" mentioned: 2008 global wallpaper consumption, the largest increase in China and North America, an increase of 20%. However, China's per capita consumption of wallpaper is only 0.3 square meters, while Japan was 5.4 square meters. Visible rapid growth and considerable market potential, China's wallpaper market share should be accounted for more than 70% -80%. The involvement of well-known brands and the emergence of high-tech products also accelerated the competitiveness of the entire industry.
After the pursuit of fashion 80 home buyers in the decoration more inclined to use easy replacement, rich patterns, changing materials, and more easily the effect of the wallpaper. Therefore, from the trend of home improvement, wallpaper, seamless wall covering will be the trend of the future, its impact on the interior paint will become increasingly evident. Home Jiaxi Building Materials City Huang always told the author that "higher profit wallpaper, coupled with changing styles, is the current trend of the development of the wallpaper is very optimistic."
The prevalence of wallpaper in Europe and the United States reached more than 60%, while less than 3% in China, relatively low, undoubtedly shows that there is a huge market potential in China. From the 80s to the present, more and more domestic wallpaper manufacturers, designers are getting better and better. Although the domestic wallpaper can not go beyond the level of Europe and the United States, but relative to the middle of the consumer or domestic-based.
"Seamless wallcovering" is still in its infancy, need to have a growth period, you need to have a market to understand and use of life; Second, positioning in the high-end, there is no low-priced wallpaper that kind of product. But we firmly believe that in the near future, through unremitting efforts, seamless wall covering will become a "giant" in the field of building materials.