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With the development of apparel industry, no sewing process, waterproof, hot pressing process, water resistance, dry cleaning and other characteristics of more and more attention. Choosing the right adhesive is crucial to the seamless seaming process and we have developed a range of products suitable for outdoor sportswear, functional apparel, underwear, reflective materials, stamping products, thermal transfer Products such as hot-melt adhesive solution.

Functional clothing with waterproof, no trace and other special requirements, the traditional sewing process has been unable to meet the needs of these functional clothing, in response to these special needs, we independently developed a number of functional clothing requirements of the hot melt adhesive membrane. These products are functional garments more lightweight and beautiful, more personal and comfortable.

Hot transfer printing special hot melt adhesive powder with good fastness, peel strength, excellent stability, washable dry cleaning, etc., suitable for leather, cotton, Ma Ma, polyester, Lycra and other fabrics and other materials.

Bonding lining is usually divided into non-woven lining and woven lining, evenly coated in the fabric surface made of hot melt adhesive powder. Usually EVA powder, polyester powder (PES) or polyamide powder (PA), polyurethane (TPU) hot melt adhesive. Can be used dusting, powder transfer point method, pulp point method or omentum method for coating.